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Online volunteers: please read the whole of this page before applying for a virtual volunteer opportunity and note that we do not offer paid work, only unpaid virtual volunteering.   To volunteer abroad, see the Ecuador Volunteer page. 
Volunteer service online is a convenient, cost-effective way to share your skills if you don´t have the budget or the time to volunteer here in Ecuador.  The following online volunteering opportunities are an eco-friendly chance for you to help us without leaving home.
Grant Writer - CRACYP always needs funding for projects.  This could be a great opportunity to practise what you've learned on a grant-writing course, or for an experienced grant writer to help us out in their spare time.  If you have a little time to spare each week, or perhaps a few weeks in the holidays, please get in touch.
Online game designer - we would love to have a little online game for our supporters to play.  They will "rescue" tropical frogs from various environmental hazards and then be invited to visit our website and donate to save the real frogs' habitat.  It will be sent out as an email to pass on to friends and promote our sustainable development projects - viral marketing.  Are you that volunteer games designer?  This could be your opportunity to promote your skills and our work at the same time.  Please get in touch.
Volunteer writers - we need aspiring or professional writers to volunteer to write short articles to help promote our sustainable development work.  Journalists with knowledge of one or more of the many themes included in our work (sustainable rural development, ecotourism, organic farming, appropriate technology, Ecuador, environmental issues), please write to volunteer("at")progresoverde("dot")org,  describing your area of knowledge and stating why you'd like to write for us, including a headline and summary of your first article.  Student volunteers, this could be your chance to get some work published.
We are seeking technically-minded, IT-savvy virtual volunteers, based anywhere in the world, to help with website accessibility and / or search engine optimisation and link-building.  You'll volunteer online from your home or office at a time that suits you and will need your own computer and internet connection.
Website accessibility volunteer: Do you have the knowledge to help make our websites more accessible to those using screen-reading devices or with other special needs?  Ideally we would like a volunteer to evaluate our current accessibility and then improve it.  If you can improve it for us, that would be fantastic.  If you only have time to send us a list of easy-to-follow instructions that another volunteer could carry out, that too would be helpful. 
SEO and linkbuilding volunteers: Could you help raise our profile on the internet?  We'd like a volunteer SEO officer.  We are only interested in white hat SEO techniques and quality, relevant links.  If you know about web 2.0 and can suggest some interactive ideas, so much the better.  Perhaps you can spare an hour or two a week, or maybe you could devote a week or two during your summer holidays or until you find a permanent job.  We need one SEO volunteer with fluent English and another with fluent Spanish.
For any of these virtual volunteer jobs, please email volunteer("at")progresoverde("dot")org, explaining why you want to help us and why you'd be a great online volunteer for the task.  Let us know for how long you could volunteer. 
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