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Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador with CRACYP

Volunteer opportunities on our sustainable development projects are a rewarding way to spend holiday time in Ecuador, to experience the reality of working in sustainable development, or to learn new skills and practise your Spanish.  If you want to volunteer to gain experience for a career in this field, see our Development Internship Opportunities.   
Please read the whole of this page before applying for a volunteer opportunity.   We do not offer paid work, only unpaid volunteer jobs.
General volunteer opportunities are available on our Volunteer Program on the mainland of Ecuador, in the rural, subtropical agricultural area on the borders of the provinces of Bolívar and Cotopaxi, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.  Volunteers help with a range of ongoing development projects in the area and will be based in an attractive little sugar cane farming village.  Volunteer tasks might include organic farming, helping teachers in the local village school with its 30 students, researching excursions or developing materials for an ecotourism project, raising awareness of health and safety issues, teaching children about basic nutrition and hygiene, or planting trees.  For details of what the volunteer program includes and how to apply, download the Volunteer Information Pack from the link at the foot of the page.  Reforestation volunteers are urgently needed, so if you're in Ecuador and have a week or more to spare, apply now!
Specialist volunteer opportunities:  Volunteers with more specialist skills or experience in areas such as biology, entomology, dental hygiene / dentistry or nutrition may be able to use these skills on the volunteer program or perhaps as an internship project.  We are currently looking for volunteers with experience in GIS / GPS (mapping) or organic gardening.  
We also need Spanish speakers with experience in almost any field (e.g. accounting and business issues, education, nutrition, literacy, public health, first aid) to design and present short workshops to groups of women, youth, children and/or farmers - download the volunteer information pack from this page and email for more information - 1 week or more.
Volunteer writers - contact us if you are a professional or aspiring journalist in Ecuador who would like to write short articles for CRACYP.  If you have some knowledge of at least one of the many areas related to our work (sustainable rural development, appropriate technology, organic farming, ecotourism, Ecuador, environmental issues), you could help us promote our work to a wider audience.  Write to volunteer("at")progresoverde("dot")org and tell us about your area of knowledge and why you would like to write for us, suggesting a headline for your first article.
Volunteering in Ecuador FAQs:
Download the Volunteer 2013 Information Pack for more information about costs, what is included in the program and how to apply.  Download the Costa Volunteer Pack to learn more about the location of the Volunteer Program.

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