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Volunteering abroad in sustainable development is a great way to develop work skills and/or practise a new language.  The best volunteer opportunities allow you to make a real contribution to genuine development projects benefiting and involving the local community.  True development is generated by and with local people, not implemented on them from outside.
CRACYP has years of experience with volunteers and with sustainable rural development.  Genuine development is a very challenging field to work in, but offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth.  We offer the chance to participate in and assist with our ongoing development work in Ecuador - with all its frustrations, delays and challenges, but also its genuine progress, successes and achievements.  See our Volunteer & Intern News for some examples of what our volunteers are achieving. 
Our volunteer and intern opportunities are quite different from many of agency "voluntourism" experiences with their glossy brochures.   We don't offer packaged 'volunteer service experiences' on stage-managed projects.  Our projects and people are the real thing.  We often face delays and things don't always go right the first time, but our interns and volunteers are participating in authentic grassroots development and learning the skills to succeed in the real world.
If you are interested in voluntary work overseas or a "working holiday", please first think about what you want to do, why you want to volunteer and what you have to offer.  Volunteer service in a developing country can be incredibly rewarding, intensely frustrating, exhilarating, tough, great fun, saddening and uplifting, and may leave you in tears of despair or joy - possibly all on the same day.  It is certainly not for everyone, but if you think it's for you, we want to hear from you!
We tailor each volunteer experience to the individual.  We like to use your education, business experience or technical skills, etc., but might also need you to help with manual work at times.  You may be upset by the poverty or frustrated by the bureaucracy and it may take a while to slow down to 'Ecuadorian time', but this is real development, warts and all, not the sanitised 'holiday volunteer program' version.    
If this kind of volunteering sounds right for you, let us know why you think you're right for one of our development internships or current volunteer opportunities in mainland Ecuador.  
If we're not the right volunteer opportunity or internship for you, search around on the internet to find the one which suits you best.  Make sure you know whether your chosen volunteer organisation is a responsible charity or agency with worthwhile projects, or just a holiday company making a big profits from your good intentions.  We wish you fun, achievement and satisfaction in your volunteering. 

Voluntary Work in Ecuador for Green Progress with CRACYP
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Volunteer your technical skills - distillation equipment
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