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Volunteer & Intern News Archive

Marketing Intern Receives Award
June 2012
Marketing intern in Ecuador on fair trade projectGerman MBA student Katharina Scholz finished her 3 months working with CADO to assure fair trade compliance and to design a marketing plan for the cooperative. She designed and presented several teaching tools to help CADO members understand and complete fair trade regulations. Her marketing plan identified several potential new areas of interest, and her work was honored with an award in CADO’s General Assembly.
Intern Develops Fair Trade Training Program for Organic Farmers
May 2012
Fair trade training in EcuadorAs part of CADO’s fair trade training, German intern Katharina Scholz has developed and implemented a very successful educational program. The program focuses on CADO’s five core values: care, progress, participate, respect, and strive, and is designed to help socios focus on living these values as part of their compliance to the fair trade system.
Fair Trade Compliance Intern Works with Poorest Families
April 2012
fairtrade intern in EcuadorAustralian intern Tom Fee worked with CADO socios in the village of Guatzabí to help them conform to fair trade workplace health and safety standards. He helped install safety equipment on sugar mills and other equipment throughout the microdistilleries. CRACYP partnered with CADO to provide some of the more expensive materials, helping to assure that even the poorest families were able to complete the required changes.
Community Bank Microloan Program Developed by Microfinance Intern
March 2012
community members in EcuadorIntern Simon Baynes, an Australian university student, initiated a plan for a community bank within CADO, a community enterprise producing organic, fair trade alcohol from sugar cane.  He designed the framework for a system of microloans and savings accounts, and held meetings within the various CADO communities to inaugurate the bank. Currently, bank membership is only available to women as a way to promote more participation and responsibility in CADO on their part.  We are currently seeking microfinance interns to continue Simon's work, with the community bank and with the women's group.  
Social Structure Analysis Shows Way Forward for Development
February 2012
community meeting in EcuadorIntern Ben Evans, an American social worker/public health professional, completed a social structure analysis of CADO communities. His report identifies and evaluates numerous local social issues and allows CADO to create an action plan for addressing them.  This is essential for CADO’s compliance with fair trade certification and for social development in the region.  We are now looking for interns to continue Ben's work by helping create the necessary action plans for more social inclusion.
Volunteer photographer, photographing local vegetation.Botanist Intern Produces Plant Guide
January 2012
A botanist from New Zealand, Ben Fitzgerald, completed a study of plants in the area, as part of our internship program.  Ben created a guide book showing some of the most interesting or unusual plant species and how to identify them.  It will be used to train local guides for an ecotourism project we are developing in the area, which has high levels of biodiversity and wide range of vegetation.Choco Toucan in Ecuador
Biologist Intern Compiles List of Bird Species
January 2012
Canadian biologist intern Sarah Yuckin completed a study of the birds around Jilimbí, the location of our volunteer and intern program and a future ecotourism project. She identified more than 100 species, many of which are rare in the area. The guide book that she created will be used for training eco-tourism guides.
Presenting the Book Club Book Club Project Praised
October 2011
The volunteer coordinator presented the ongoing Book Club project to the Council on Children’s Affairs of the nearby cantón of Pangua and to The Body Shop representative.  Both were excited about the project, as it is unique in the area.  The Council on Children’s Affairs hopes to partner with CRACYP to replicate the Club’s model.  CRACYP plans to apply for a grant from The Body Shop Foundation in order to make this feasible.  To donate books for the project, see our wishlist on
Purple-crowned fairy hummingbird in Ecuador Photography Volunteer Documents Local Fauna
September 2011
CRACYP's most recent volunteer, Corentin Denys, has spent four weeks photographing the animal species present in and around Jilimbí, an area particularly rich in bird and insect life.  He is also working to identify the species so that his photos can be used to train eco-guides as part of the eco-tourism project in the area.
Enthusiastic students at Book Club Nutrition & Literacy Program Started by Volunteer
July 2011
Volunteer Tanya Conover started the process of curriculum development for a nutrition and literacy program, and presented the first modules to local children.  Interactive lessons about healthy eating are helping students learn to read, and the Book Club Tanya helped to set up in the village is popular and well-attended.  Our wishlist suggests titles and a shipping address for anyone who would like to donate books. 
Ecotourism development: picking fruit Development of Ecotourism in Jilimbí Begins
June 2011
CRACYP is beginning the development of an eco-tourism project in the village of Jilimbí.  A Bolivian volunteer, Estefania Gamarra, has begun working on a business plan for the project.  Ecotourism will bring economic diversification to the community and will allow adventurous tourists to experience a truly unique farming community and ecosystem completely off the beaten track.
Volunteer working in rural development in Ecuador CRACYP Finds New Coordinator for Volunteers and Interns
April 2011
CRACYP is delighted to announce that we have finally found a new coordinator for our volunteer and internship program, and so can restart the program.  The program was popular and successful last year but had to stop when we lost our coordinator.  So far, amongst other successes, our interns have succeeded, for example, in establishing industrial control processes for fair trade norms with the control of IMO Fair for Life.  Margot Conover joins us in May.

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