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Transfer of Technology

The transfer of technology to rural farmers and small scale producer groups is vital if they are to escape from poverty.  By using appropriate technology to process crops locally, rather than selling them as raw materials, farmers and rural communities can add value to their harvest and escape from poverty without having to leave their land.  CRACYP assists with appropriate technology design and training.
Technology transfer projects include the sugar cane farming communities of CADO who are benefiting from organic farming techniques and appropriate technology for distillation.  Development interns may be able to assist with appropriate technology projects in the local communities.
CRACYP has worked in 110 communities in the transfer of technology to farmers as part of the PROTTAR project (transfer of technology for agriculture and livestock and support for rural agribusinesses).  PROTTAR is a state funded project organised by CODEPMOC, the Council for the Development of the Montubio People of the Coast.  The project aims to strengthen the identity and development of the Montubio people who live in the coastal provinces.  The project was intended to be for five years, the Montubios are currently waiting to hear if the State will fund the next phase.
Based on extensive experience in the transfer of appropriate technology in rural farming communities, CRACYP was chosen by CODEPMOC to work in the Montubio communities of Los Ríos and the subtropical parts of Bolívar and Cotopaxi Provinces.  More than twenty agricultural technicians worked under CRACYP's direction with the Montubio farmers.  The project focused on six key crops in this region: rice, maize, cacao (chocolate), sugar cane, plantain and cattle.  
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Transfer of Technology
Appropriate & Sustainable Technology for Rural Development in Ecuador
Technology design and training for rural farming communities to add value through crop processing. PROTTAR - transfer of technology for agriculture & livestock & support for rural agribusinesses in the Montubio community

Transfer of technology - farmers installing new distillation tank
A community meeting in a village in Ecuador
Measuring the strength of alcohol
Rural house in remote coastal village in EcuadorTraining session in a rural community
Sustainable technology - installing a simple, durable tank