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Sarah Clifford, Sustainable Development Consultant & Program Manager

Sarah Clifford developed and supervises CRACYP's sustainable development internship and volunteer program.  She sets the strategic direction of the program and supervises the sustainable development coordinator, Nick Ohde.  She works with Nick to understand local needs and promotes relevant intern opportunities to meet those needs.  Sarah also evaluates volunteer and intern applications and works with her many contacts in Ecuador to find the most appropriate and rewarding volunteer opportunity for the individual applicant to develop their skills while creating a lasting benefit for Ecuador and its communities and/or wildlife.
Sarah's career has included work in marketing, advertising & publicity, responsible tourism, social media and sustainable development, and has taken her to countries as diverse as Egypt, Greece, China, Israel, Turkey and Belize before settling in Ecuador.  She has worked for large global companies, small local charities and various things in between, including a volunteer agency, and a stint with a detective agency in Hong Kong (though only in the office).  These experiences contribute greatly to her ability to design, lead and promote challenging, worthwhile volunteer and intern opportunities, which genuinely benefit both the participants and the local communities and ecosystems.
Sarah has worked in conservation as well as sustainable development, and run volunteer programs for other organisations in Ecuador, recruiting and training program staff in addition to volunteers and interns in areas including conservation biology, fair trade, community development and business consultancy.  She was director of volunteer operations for the Andean Bear Foundation, where she was involved for several years in capacities including publicity, volunteer management, fundraising and being secretary to Bubu, a bear with his own Facebook account.  Sarah also developed and recruited for the volunteer program of the condor conservation project with the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation, and worked with Quito Zoo.
Sarah is from the United Kingdom. She originally studied physics and management science at Keele University, returning many years later to education and graduating with an MBA in Marketing from City University in London.  Her experience in grassroots sustainable development and conservation has been gained on the job and she has learned from some leading experts in their fields, including Carlos Cabrera (sustainable rural development) and Armando Castellanos (large mammal conservation).  She has been with CRACYP since 2002 and lived in Ecuador from 2009 to 2013.  
Sarah is bilingual in Spanish and English but has mostly forgotten the Greek and Turkish she used to speak.
Sarah Clifford, Internship / Volunteer Program Manager & Sustainable Development Consultant
Sustainable Development & Reforestation Projects for "Green Progress" in Rural Communities in Ecuador

Sarah Clifford, CRACYP's Sustainable Development Consultant & Program ManagerSarah Clifford in forest in Ecuador.Sarah Clifford in a rural area of the highlands
Sarah Clifford with a rescued Andean bear cub
Sarah Clifford in the Galapagos IslandsSarah Clifford on a horse in Ecuador