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Recommended Reading for Ecuador

The recommended reading books for Ecuador on the following pages are simply suggestions to get you started.  All are accessible to non-specialists unless otherwise stated.  The book reviews are based on personal opinions which you might or might not share, but we hope you will at least find the reading list a thought-provoking starting point.  
Book choices are sometimes controversial - if you disagree with the book reviews on our reading list or have found something better, please email us at website("at")  We are always open to new ideas and happy to share your reading recommendations and Ecuador book reviews on the website.  Please email and tell us about any enjoyable novels based in Ecuador, useful Latin America guidebooks, authoritative Ecuador wildlife guides, interesting reports on conservation or any other recommended reading relevant to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, conservation, volunteering and sustainable development.
Background reading before you travel is always a good idea.  For example, before booking accommodation in the capital city of Ecuador, we would recommend that you check a city map of Quito.  A good Ecuador guidebook will give you some background information about the country and its culture.  A Galapagos cruise is not cheap, so check your itinerary on a map of the Galapagos Islands before you book and make sure your chosen islands are included.  Reading about the dramatic social history of the Galapagos Islands is recommended, too.
Recommended reading for the Galapagos Islands and Evolution
Ecuador & Environment - Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading - Book list and background reading suggestions for Ecuador
Progreso Verde - Green Progress
Socially, economically and environmentally sustainable rural development and reforestation projects in Ecuador by CRACYP

Galapagos islands map and guidebook
bird in the Galapagos Islands
A wooden house in rural Ecuador
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Quito city map and guidebook