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River Rafting
Ecuador river rafting with CRACYP is a raft journey with a difference – not white water rafting, but a more traditional, tranquil cruise, suitable for all the family.  Drift downriver through the peaceful countryside, enjoying an on-board barbeque as you watch the tropical scenery go by.  Choose between a gentle half day trip where everything is done for you, a full day which includes helping to build the traditional raft, multi-day adventures with overnight camping by the river or on the raft, or an adventurous five-day rafting expedition to the sea.
The raft style is traditional, a replica of an ancient Manteño Huancavilca (pre-Inca) design that has changed little in the last thousand years.  Until the 1960s rafts of this indigenous design were still used for transporting bananas and cacao to markets on the coast.  The simple, efficient raft design uses the buoyant balsa wood that is native to Ecuador. Thor Heyerdahl used the same design for the famous Kon-Tiki raft expedition 13000 miles across the Pacific Ocean.
The balsa raft logs are not wasted after your trip – they will be used for handicrafts or insulation.  The fast-growing balsa wood is sustainably produced locally and CRACYP have reforestation plans in the area.  
River raft tour prices depend on group size – starting from $60 per person per day all inclusive, based on a group of six or more and including meals, use of camping equipment, guides, transportation to and from the river and traditional alcoholic beverages. For smaller groups, rafting tours can be tailor-made.  For more information, email rafting("at")  In the past, international raft expeditions have been arranged.
For accommodation before and after your Ecuador river rafting adventure, and the chance to explore more of the local area, see our Ecuador farmstay tourism project.

River Rafting Eco Adventure Tours in Ecuador
Tranquil, traditional raft journeys, suitable for all the family,
on indigenous-style balsa wood rafts, replicas of the Kon Tiki
A Green Progress project in rural Ecuador from CRACYP

Raft team member hauling bamboo polesConstructing a traditional balsa raft in the river in Ecuador
BBQ on board the raft on an Ecuador river rafting journey
Traditional style raft floating down the river in Ecuador
Traditional style raft by banana plantation in Ecuador
Tired raft team member after a river rafting expedition in Ecuador