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Green Progress Sustainable Development Projects

Reforestation is our aim so all of CRACYP’s projects include some tree planting to make sure our progress is 'green'.  Usually we “charge” the community a small percentage of the extra income generated by the project, then return this to them in the form of seeds or seedlings which they must plant in suitable areas.  Advice is always available and we often provide productive or useful plants (e.g. bamboo, balsa, or fruit trees such as mango) and other native forest species.
Organic Chocolate - a fair trade project to save the traditional. old-growth Ecuadorian chocolate forests.  The cacao-producing communities are forming a fair trade consortium and are already exporting community-produced fine cacao with organic certification to Italy.  They have fine quality organic cocoa beans for sale and are producing processed chocolate products for fair trade sale.
Eco-Tourism Holidays - adventure ecotourists experience the local way of life on a budget farmstay holiday, explore forest paths and waterfalls with a community eco-tourism guide, enjoy the amazing variety of flowers, birds, insects and animals, and visit other CRACYP Green Progress sustainable development projects.  Our luxury tours combine project visits with the best of Ecuador, including a Galapagos cruise, luxury spa, highland hacienda and cloudforest lodge.
CADO Organic Sugarcane Farmers' Cooperative - over 280 farming families in 18 communities grow sugarcane and produce aguardiente (‘firewater’ or potable alcohol).  The consortium was established in 2003 and the farms now have organic certification and IMO "Fair for Life" fair trade certification.  CADO sells high quality organic, fair trade alcohol to international clients for use in perfumes, cosmetics and liqueurs.  
Transfer of Technology - Appropriate technology and training in how to use it helps farmers to improve their standard of living without damaging the environment.  CRACYP´s extensive experience in the transfer of technology is recognised in the region.
Community Development - CRACYP has run or facilitated over 70 community development projects in villages in the area, with the help of overseas volunteers in a process which strengthens the organisational capacity of the community as well as constructing a community building. 
Solar Cycle Route - a patented eco-friendly transport system of elevated cycle routes roofed with solar panels, to reduce urban traffic congestion, encourage cycling and contribute to sustainable mobility in cities.
Sustainable Organic Control of Introduced Species in the Galapagos Islands - a project to replace invasive introduced species in the private farmland of the unique Galapagos Islands with organic crops and reforestation of native species.
Youth Development Consortium - a long term project, still at the planning stage, which will involve recycling waste plastics, reforestation, bio-fuels and the opportunity for young Ecuadorians to earn scholarships.
Community Banks - CRACYP provided training and advice to start one local community bank.  Now there are over 100 of them in the area, lending community members money for investment or emergencies, even when they might not qualify for a loan from an ordinary bank.
Plantain Farmers' Group - CRACYP has helped over 30 plantain farmers to get the best price for their crop through training, quality control and working together to sell on national and international markets.  

CRACYP - Sustainable Rural Development & Reforestation Projects in Ecuador for 'Green Progress'
Social and Economic Development Projects which protect the Environment

Bamboo seedlings ready to plant outEco-lodge in EcuadorSugarcane farmers in a training session
Cut section of guava tree showing rapid growthCommunity bank members at a meeting in Ecuador
Loading green plantains onto a lorry