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Photo Gallery - Images of Ecuador

Photographs of Ecuador can give you an idea of the reality of our sustainable development projects and the beauty of the Ecuadorian landscape and people.  We hope you enjoy our Ecuador Photo Galleries:
Ecuador Bird Photos  - photographs of just some of Ecuador's rich bird-life
Ecuador Hummingbird Photos - images of the beautiful 'colibries' or hummingbirds found throughout Ecuador
Galapagos Wildlife Photos - images of the famous Galapagos Islands.
In June 2007, we were pleased to welcome to Ecuador photographer Roz Gordon, a professional photographer, who volunteered to photograph our conservation and development projects, record our challenges and achievements on film and capture the everyday lives of our rural communities in photographs.  Some of her Ecuador photographs are here on the site - many thanks to Roz for allowing us to use her images. 
In November 2007, volunteer photographer and zoo education officer Paul Bamford arrived in Ecuador to photograph and catalogue some of the birds, animals, plants and insects in our forests and to take some promotional shots for one of our sustainable development projects.  With Paul's help we discovered all sorts of interesting wildlife we didn't know existed and we have his photos to help us identify them next time.  In particular, Paul took the stunning photo shown above right of the Poison Arrow Frog, Epipedobates antonyii.  Many thanks to Paul for help with wildlife identification and for use of his Ecuador photographs, some of which are here on the website.
All images on this website are copyright and should not be used without the written permission of CRACYP.   If you are looking for images of Ecuador, volunteering photos, sustainable development shots, photos of eco-tourism in Ecuador, conservation photographs, reforestation images, etc., for commercial use, please email website("at") describing what you need.  If we do not have anything suitable in our image bank, we may be able to commission some shots rapidly to suit your requirements.

Images of 'Green Progress' in Ecuador:
photographs of sustainable development, conservation and reforestation projects in rural communities in Ecuador; Ecuador wildlife photos; Galapagos images; photographs of the birds, animals and insects of Ecuador
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An ecotourist photographing the cloudforest in Ecuador
A deep red and lime green frog with scarlet patches on the thighs, jumping from a rock.
Butterfly on flower, photographed by Roz Gordon in Ecuador.
A smiling sugarcane famer in Ecuador, photographed by Paul Bamford
Galapagos iguana, photographed by Roz Gordon.
Hummingbird hovering at feeder, photographed by Sarah Clifford