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Organic Alcohol, Community Produced, Fair Trade Prices

Our organic, community-produced alcohol is unique in the world at the moment.  The alcohol has internationally-recognised organic certification from BCS Öko-Garantie of Germany and we also have IMO Fair for Life certification.  Our aguardiente (alcohol of 60GL) is produced by hand through cooperative working by the organic sugar cane farmers of CADO (Consorcio Agro-artesanal Dulce Orgánico, in Spanish, or Sweet Organic Agro-craft Consortium), a socially-responsible organisation.  Then it is rectified to produce all natural alcohol (ethanol) of high purity.
CADO's organic ethanol is of high quality, appropriate for the most exacting industrial processes or for perfumery.  The organic, healthy sugar cane provides top quality aguardiente and we use the services of a high technology rectification plant to ensure that this is rectified under strict quality control to produce a truly all natural alcohol.  We use gas chromatography analysis and can equal the quality specifications of your existing alcohol.
We offer on fair trade terms:
Organic alcohol of 96 GL or organic ethanol of 99.9 GL for use in extraction of compounds.
Potable organic alcohol for use in the liquor industry.
DEB96 made from organic alcohol for use in perfumery or industrial processes.
For the first time, it is now possible to buy high-quality, all natural alcohol which has been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way.  This makes it ideal for use in organic and natural products, for example organic skincare products.  If you have looked up how to make organic products, or "what is a herbal extract?" or similar queries, you may have discovered the need for an all natural alcohol - this is it.
Our all natural organic alcohol comes from over 280 families in an area of extreme poverty in Ecuador.  Your decision to buy will help these families to improve their quality of life as they continue to care for the environment and maintain the organic farming tradition of previous generations.
For more information, or to buy fairly-traded, community-produced organic alcohol, write to us at CADOventas1("at") 

Organic alcohol, community-produced and fairly-traded:
the only all natural alcohol in the world made by the traditional process from sugar cane,
with organic certification, by a socially responsible co-operative of organic farmers.
Community-produced organic ethanol of high quality and purity at a fair price for the producers.
A sustainable Green Progress organic farming and appropriate technology project from CRACYP.

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A member of CADO with organic alcohol made by the community.Organic sugar cane is the only ingredient in our all natural alcohol
One of CADO´s organic sugar cane farmers who produce alcoholThe president of CADO in her organic sugar cane plantation
Organic sugar cane farmers, producers of alcohol
A visit to the high-technology ethanol rectification plant