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Organic Chocolate

Organic chocolate from Ecuador is some of the best in the world.  The organic cacao (cocoa, chocolate beans) produced by the Pueblo Montubio communities in Ecuador is now being exported to a company in Italy.  Led by CRACYP, 12 village associations of organic cacao producers in 5 provinces are in the process of setting up a new fair trade consortium.  Their fine cacao is of high quality, organically-produced and the new consortium is working towards fair trade certification.  All of the "chocolate forests" of our producers are well established, traditional plantations of mature cacao trees and they don't only produce the best chocolate, they also support a wide variety of biodiversity.  An organic gourmet chocolate gift from Ecuador is truly a gift with a conscience!
The communities recently started to export organic cocoa beans.  For now, their buyer processes the beans in a chocolate factory in Italy to produce chocolate bars, a chocolate spread and other products that they distribute in their stores.  CRACYP has facilitated access to the technology to produce cacao paste (known as "cocoa mass" or "chocolate liquor" in the industry).  CRACYP has also provided training and transfer of appropriate technology for organic farming, quality control system, exportation and international marketing.  In the future, the consortium will export the cacao paste or chocolate liquor, chocolate bars and other products and a chocolate cream liqueur to Italy.
This organic cacao lends its taste to Ecuador's most collaborative product.  CRACYP, together with groups of farmers, has developed an organic chocolate cream liqueur, with fair trade ingredients.  In total, more than 60 Ecuadorian communities are involved in the production of each bottle - producers of organic cacao, organic sugar and organic alchohol (from CADO).
The chocolate crisis: Ecuador's mature, traditional plantations of fine cacao or chocolate trees produce some of the best chocolate in the world, but the yield is much lower than with newer varieties.  Even though the newer varieties don't have anything like the taste of the fine traditional cacao, the market price for the two is no different.  So, there is no financial incentive to save these traditional cacao forests with their irreplaceable genetic value and environmental riches.  According to SOS Cacao (in Spanish), in fewer than 20 years, the world could lose one of its finest and favourite treats, gourmet chocolate, completely.  For this reason, CRACYP wants to extend this scheme of collaboration and conservation for fair trade with the aim of saving this part of the Pueblo Montubio's heritage while making high-quality organic chocolate available to the world.
The Pueblo Montubio (Montubio people) are one of three ethnic groups recognised in Ecuador's constitution, and they are found all along the Ecuadorian coast and in the subtropical parts of the western cordillera (foothills) of the Ecuadorian Andes.  Carlos Cabrera, CRACYP's Executive Secretary, is a consultant in sustainable development for the Pueblo Montubio.
Currently the consortium has cocoa beans and cacao paste (cocoa mass, chocolate liquor) with organic certification for sale at fair trade prices.  Enquiries to"at") .
Ecuador produces some of the best chocolate in the world, or at least some of the finest cacao, chocolate's raw material.  Due to its fine aroma and high quality, Ecuadorian cacao is particularly suitable for making gourmet dark chocolate or vegan chocolate, where there are no milk products to hide its rich taste.  However, there's very little processing capacity in Ecuador, so most of the cacao beans (also known as cocoa beans) are exported as raw material to be processed in a chocolate factory overseas.  This missed chance to add value within Ecuador is something CRACYP is working to remedy, and the new consorcio should soon have its own chocolate factory in Ecuador to create more employment locally and export gourmet organic chocolate.

CRACYP - Sustainable Rural Development & Reforestation in Ecuador
Community organic chocolate farming group, exporting a high quality cocoa bean and organic chocolate liquor at fair trade chocolate prices.  The fair trade organic cacao beans and paste are suitable for fine chocolate products such dark or vegan chocolate and perfect for a gourmet chocolate gift.

Organic chocolate beans from Ecuador and the organic chocolate liqueur made from them
Gourmet organic dark chocolate bars
Fair trade store in Italy selling Ecuadorian organic chocolateLabels for the consortiums organic chocolate cream liqueur.Organic cacao (chocolate) farmer in Ecuador
Reforestation of traditional chocolate plantations - cacao tree seedlings.