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Nick Ohde, Sustainable Development Coordinator

Nick Ohde is CRACYP’s Coordinator of Internships, Volunteers and Sustainable Development for 2013.  Drawing on his training and experience in ecology and agriculture, he also works closely with CADO as a consultant on their fair trade and organic certifications and agricultural techniques.  
In his work with our sustainable development interns, Nick guides and facilitates internships so that interns can make the most of their time with us.  He works with local communities and CRACYP's management to identify needs and opportunities before individually tailoring intern projects according to intern skills and community needs.  In this way, he helps interns to gain valuable practical experience in sustainable development.  Nick reports to program manager Sarah Clifford.  
Nick also designs and facilitates our monthly day-long Development Workshops, which have focused on themes such as communication, reforestation, time management in a developing country, and fair trade, among others. These workshops allow CRACYP's interns and staff to interact with local or international speakers in a structured environment, working together towards resolving current challenges. 
Nick grew up in rural Iowa in the United States exploring the bottomlands of the Mississippi River valley before attending the University of Iowa, where he majored in Journalism and English, developing effective communication skills which help him greatly in his work here.   He then attended Iowa State University for an MS in Sustainable Agriculture, where he researched water quality, soil erosion, and rural communities.  Nick has also taught ecology, soils, and watershed management, and worked as a graduate student leader of a bi-national service learning project in Uganda where he supervised American and Ugandan university students and coordinated with local NGOs and government agencies in accomplishing local development objectives. 
After graduate school, Nick worked in the College of Agriculture for two years at Iowa State University researching perennial grasses for biofuels and coordinating professional development workshops for high school and community college teachers on the subject of renewable energy and agriculture.  Nick has spent time traveling in Ecuador, and has also lived in Costa Rica where he volunteered on a small farm. 
Nick's education and work to date have given him experience in water and soil quality, organic agriculture, ecology, communication, and community development.  He is especially interested in the nexus of rural communities, agriculture, and the environment.  These varied experiences give him a rich pool of resources to draw on when working with local communities to create real solutions to challenging problems, and with international interns and volunteers to maximise the impact of their time with us.
Nick loves to cook, garden, do yoga, read, birdwatch, hike and travel whenever he gets the chance.  He has lived in Ecuador since July 2012, assisting CRACYP with various agricultural and community development projects including training local sugar cane farmers in record-keeping for fair trade compliance.  CRACYP is proud to give international volunteers and interns the chance to work with Nick as he continues to develop his expertise in ecology and sustainable agriculture.
Nick Ohde, sustainable development coordinator with experience in sustainable agriculture and ecology
Sustainable Development & Reforestation Projects in Rural Communities from CRACYP, Ecuador

Nick Ohde, Sustainable Development Coordinator & Agriculture Specialist, CRACYPNick Ohde, Sustainable Development Coordinator, CRACYPNick Ohde, working in community development with CRACYPNick Ohde, experienced in ecology and agriculture, posing with huge cabbages in Ecuador!
Nick Ohde using his agricultural expertise on an organic agriculture project.Rural development coordinator Nick Ohde with development staff and volunteer.