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News Archive - 2008

International Mountain DayInternational Mountain Day – Food Security in Mountains
CRACYP News, 11 December 2008
11 December is International Mountain Day and this year the focus is on food security in mountain communities. Here in the foothills of the Andes in Ecuador, in an area of extreme poverty, the farming families know only too well the challenges of living in a mountain community – the slow, difficult transport, the high cost of products that come up from the coast, the soil erosion. But there is hope in sight. CRACYP has various sustainable development projects with the aim of ensuring the food security of these communities in the long term. For example, the sugar cane farmers of CADO are seeking fair trade markets for their organic alcohol and our ecotourism projects aim to provide income in mountain communities.
Development volunteer in EcuadorInternational Volunteer Day
CRACYP News, 5 December 2008
Today is International Volunteer Day and we´d like to take the opportunity to thank all of our volunteers, present and past. Some we have sadly lost contact with, others have stayed for months or even years and many are still in touch. They have all made a difference and we are grateful to them all.  If you´ve not yet volunteered with us, now could be the time to start - take a look at the current volunteer opportunities and get in touch today!
Galapagos conservation volunteer with guava trunkVolunteer Opportunities in Galapagos Islands for 2009
CRACYP News, December 2008
Our Galapagos conservation project is making progress.  The first volunteer opportunities, for skilled woodworkers, are available from March, and we will soon publish details of group volunteer opportunities for the summer of 2009.  Volunteer opportunity in the Galapagos Islands for talented woodworker.
Eco-friendly Farmstays logo of rural house with chickenNew look for Farmstays Eco-Tourism Project
CRACYP News, November 2008
Eco-Friendly Farmstays Ecuador now has a new logo, thanks to volunteer designer Andrea Wilkinson.  Many thanks to Andrea for her patience and professionalism which has vastly improved the look of our farmstays project.  Andrea found our ecotourism project through, a pro bono design initiative we discovered through - a great resource for small cash-strapped charities wanting professional quality design work.
Corn cobs on farm in EcuadorMontubio Culture has New Horizons
CRACYP News, November 2008
The Montubio culture, recently officially recognised in the new constitution of Ecuador, is running the PROTTAR project (transfer of technology for agriculture and livestock and support for rural agribusinesses) to strengthen its identity and development.  CRACYP is working in 110 communities in three provinces, in the transfer of technology to farmers.  The development priorities are currently being agreed.  CRACYP is suggesting that the agro-industrial focus on food production should emphasise the healthy food traditions of the Montubio people.  In this way they could rescue their cultural identity, improve nutrition and also Montubian companies could thrive in the local market of their own communities. 
CADO member with organic alcohol made by the communityOrganic, Community-produced, Fairly Traded Alcohol on Sale
CRACYP News, November 2008
Community-traded alcohol with these characteristics is unique in the world at the moment.  Handcrafted through cooperative working, our alcohol has organic certification from BCS Öko-Garantie (Germany).  This organic ethanol is of high quality and suitable for the most exacting industrial processes.  Your purchase helps the poor sugar cane farming families of CADO to improve their quality of life.  For more information, see the page organic alcohol and write to cado("at")
Poison arrow frog in EcuadorTadpoles indicate healthy ecosystem
CRACYP News, October 2008
A recent visit to the sugar cane farming communities of CADO gave us the opportunity to visit the river that is home to these poison arrow frogs.  The large numbers of tadpoles that we found there show that the ecosystem is healthy.  Amphibians are very sensitive to pollution, but our organic sugar cane plantations use no chemicals, so the frogs´ habitat remains uncontaminated.
Ecuador flagNew Constitution for Ecuador
CRACYP News, September 2008
The citizens of Ecuador have voted to accept the proprosed new constitution.  Highlights relevant to CRACYP´s work include a strong focus on the rights of the environment, environmental education and the human right to a healthy environment; also statements of support for organic agriculture, small-scale producers and sovereignty of food production, especially agriculture at a local level.

Appropriate technology: installing a tankDonations online now possible for CRACYP
CRACYP News, September 2008
CRACYP can now accept donations online for the first time, thanks to  Ammado aggregates donations for us until they reach a sum which is cost-effcient to transfer through the banking system in Ecuador.  You can donate even small sums in any currency.  Try it now - to donate to our Appropriate Technology Fund, visit CRACYP's profile on

Appropriate technology: installing a tankSteel price rises bad news for sugar cane farmers
CRACYP News, August 2008
The price of stainless steel has risen around 70% over the last two years in Ecuador.  This is bad news for those of our
sugar cane farmers in conversion to organic status.  They need a quality stainless steel tank (rather than the thinner, cheaper, non-stainless steel versions which rust through) to comply with the organic certification rules.  Our small revolving loan fund is now inadequate to cover the costs of the tanks we need.  Donations of stainless steel (in Ecuador) or cash would be gratefully accepted...
Nature in Ecuador: butterflyNature to have rights in Ecuador?
Environment News, July 2008
It seems that "nature" may soon have rights in Ecuador as if it were a person.  Ecuador has rewritten its constitution, which the population must vote on in a referendum at the end of September.  The new constitution proposes that citizens of Ecuador should have the civil right to live in a healthy environment, in an eco-system in equilibrium and in harmony with nature.  Hopefully this will be a positive step for environmental protection in Ecuador.
Ammado logoCRACYP's profile on
CRACYP News, July 2008
Our profile on is now up and running and we invite you to sign up there as a friend of CRACYP or join the conversations in the CRACYP Supporters Community.  We're pleased to be part of this exciting new development for non-profits and their supporters.  The forthcoming launch of the Giving Circle, ammado's donation facility, should allow us to receive donations online for the first time.  
Keyboard and hands of online virtual volunteerVirtual Volunteer Opportunities with CRACYP
CRACYP News, June 2008
Virtual volunteers now have the opportunity to help promote CRACYP online through improvements in linkbuilding, SEO and web accessibility.  Your knowledge of the internet and websites could boost our profile and enhance your c.v. for a career in this field.  More...
Dark red, green and scarlet frog, leaping from a rockFrogs thriving near organic plantations
Environment News, May 2008
Healthy frog populations near some of our organic sugarcane plantations are good news.  Frogs and other amphibians are very sensitive to pollution, so their presence shows that the environment is clean.  We like to think that CADO's organic farming has helped to keep it that way.   More...
Volunteer photographer in EcuadorVolunteer photographer's Ecuador wildlife photos on site
CRACYP News, March 2008
Volunteer photographer Paul Bamford photographed the local wildlife and some of our projects at the end of 2007.  See some of his fantastic Ecuador bird photos and other images throughout this site.  Many thanks to Paul.

2008 news from CRACYP:
Nature has rights in Ecuador´s new constitution; steel prices rises hit farmers; CRACYP on ammado, donations online possible; Virtual volunteer opportunities; Frogs near organic cane plantations; Ecuador wildlife photos from volunteer on site.
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