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News Archive - 2007

Volunteer tourism consultant evaluating farmstay accommodationEco-tourism consultant helps farmstays project
CRACYP News, December 2007
Volunteer eco-tourism consultant Claudine Nagiah has helped in the evaluation and development of our farmstays tourism project.  Claudine did some sterling work under very difficult conditions.  Grateful thanks to Claudine.  Unfortunately, further progress on the project is currently blocked by local conditions, but we hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible. 
A volunteer in the Galapagos Islands, EcuadorGalapagos conservation funding in limbo
CRACYP News, November 2007
Funding for the Galapagos environmental conservation project and its associated volunteer opportunities is still awaiting a decision.  The current rewrite of the Ecuadorian constitution is delaying all things involving the government, so we can only wait and hope. 
Green plantainsPlantain exports on hold
CRACYP News, September 2007
The plantain farmers group project is temporarily suspended due to local and international market conditions.  The local market price is very high, which is good news for the farmers, even if it means we cannot export the plantains. 
Galapagos IguanaGalapagos images from professional photographer
CRACYP News, August 2007
Galapagos Wildlife Photo Gallery now boasts some wonderful photos from professional photographer Roz Gordon, who visited us this summer to photograph our projects and the Galapagos Islands.  Many thanks to Roz.  Her photography website has more Ecuador photos.
Seating area of farm accommodation for ecotourism in EcuadorEco-Friendly Farmstays website launched
CRACYP News, July 2007
Eco-Friendly Farmstays Ecuador, our fledgling farmstays tourism project in the western Andes, now has a website of its own.  Visit for more about agro-tourism and farm stay holidays in this beautiful tropical area of Ecuador.

2007 news from CRACYP:
Ecotourism consultant assists farmstays; Galapagos conservacion funding news; export of plantains suspended; Galapagos wildlife photos up on website; launch of Eco-Friendly Farmstays website.
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