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News Archive - 2010

Ecologically farmed chickensCRACYP's Development Strategy Adopted by the Montubio People
CRACYP News, December 2010
After seeing CADO's success, the Pueblo Montubio (people from the coastal regions of Ecuador) have adopted CRACYP's strategy for development, which is based on forming consortiums of farmers and producers, organized to add value to local agricultural products in rural communities.  For the first time ever, they have formed consortiums of "ecological" chicken farmers, rice farmers, cacao (chocolate) growers and maize farmers in 7 provinces in the coastal region of Ecuador.  These consortiums are advised by CRACYP under an agreement with the Pueblo Montubio to share CRACYP's extensive operating experience for success in this strategy.
Stainless steel alcohol distillation tanks ready to deliver to rural cane farmers in Ecuador CADO Delivers 80 Distillation Plants for Organic Alcohol to its Producer Families
CADO News, August 2010
CADO has negotiated finance for the construction and delivery of 80 stainless steel distillation tanks for the cane-farmers to improve the quality of their family-based production, thanks to help for development from the local state entities (MIES).   With the new technology, the producers are achieving a 10% improvement in quality, which translates into a better price for the family for their alcohol.
Certificate presentation Solar Cycle Route Wins First Prize for Creativity in Spain
CRACYP News, June 2010
The Municipality of Alava in Spain awarded the first prize for creativity in its contest "Your Idea Counts" to CRACYP's project "Solar Cycle Route".  We want to encourage construction of this project for sustainable travel in the city of Quito here in Ecuador.  You can find the Facebook group for the Solar Cycle Route for Quito (in Spanish) on Facebook at Ciclo-Pista-Solar Quito.
Farmer with cacao tree in Ecuador First Container of Fair Trade Cacao from the Pueblo Montubio Leaves for Italy
CRACYP News, June 2010
CRACYP is acting as consultant for the export of high quality fine cacao from the Pueblo Montubio.  After several months of work with the farmers, together we have achieved the quality and the organizational processes to export containers of cacao (cocao beans) to the Italian fair trade market for fine chocolate.  This was achieved thanks to the strict training in quality control and processes from CRACYP, drawing on our experience in exportation.
Water conservation: swimming hole in river in Ecuador World Water Day
CRACYP News, March 2010
Today, March 22, is World Water Day.  Water is at the heart of much of our work in rural Ecuador and we strongly encourage organic agriculture and other ways of ensuring that the land continues to receive the rainfall it needs.  We currently have opportunities for interns to work on watershed management.
Solar Cycle Route, as it could look in the city of Quito Solar Cycle Route Patented
CRACYP News, February 2010
The Solar Cycle Route, an eco-friendly transport system to reduce urban traffic congestion and encourage cycling, is patented and at least 2 cities so far are interested in installing the system.  The Solar Cycle Route is a network of elevated cycle routes with solar panels on its roof, and was invented by CRACYP Executive Secretary Carlos Cabrera.  The system will provide a safe, clean route for users, who can rent a bicycle and enjoy all the benefits of cycling without the worries of cost or maintenance.
Havesting sugar cane in Ecuador Agricultural Technician Needed for Organic Sugar Cane
CRACYP News, January 2010
CADO, our organic sugar cane community enterprise, is seeking an experienced agricultural technician to work with organic sugarcane.  The technician will live in the area and work with our sugar cane farming communities.  More details on the Spanish language version of this page, since the successful candidate will need to speak fluent Spanish.

2010 news from CRACYP:
CRACYP's sustainable development strategy adopted by Montubio people; CADO delivers distillation plants for organic alcohol; export of fair trade cacao starts; world water day; solar cycle route patented; agricultural technician for organic sugar cane.
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