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Margot Conover, Sustainable Development Consultant

Margot Conover continues to support CRACYP as a consultant, having previously worked as our Coordinator of Internships, Volunteers and Sustainable Development.  Margot helped to develop the volunteer and intern program into the acknowledged success that it now is.  Margot handed the post over to Nick Ohde for 2013.  Margot also worked with CADO as a consultant on their fair trade and organic certifications.  
Margot developed CRACYP’s Club de Libros program (a very popular book club for local children) and did much of the planning for an ecotourism project currently in development. She has also used her sustainable development expertise in advising CRACYP and CADO, and writing projects, case studies and grant applications.  Margot leaves us a bank of dynamic teaching materials for the book club, plans for development workshops which she has presented very succcessfully here, and a more formal structure for volunteer and intern development.
Margot received an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago where she specialized in sustainable development and wrote her thesis on the commodification of traditional agricultural products and the impact of fair trade and organic initiatives on local communities.  Previously, Margot majored in political science at Christopher Newport University in South East Virginia.  She also spent a year studying at Oxford University in the UK. 
Margot’s professional background is wide-ranging and includes community development work with socioeconomically disadvantaged inner city students, a conservation project involving oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay, coordinating a summer study-abroad program at Oxford University, and managing volunteers on a political campaign.  
Living in a rural Ecuadorian village was a new challenge for Margot, who gradually became part of the community.  She enjoys being surrounded by the incredible biodiversity of the area and connecting with neighbours of all ages.  She has a great rapport with the village children, who help plant tree seedlings and also participate in Margot's book club, which is so successful that the local government wants to implement her model in other communities.
Margot is from the Washington DC area in the United States. She has been with CRACYP since May 2011, and plans to continue working in Ecuador and in sustainable development.  Her career lets her unite her three greatest loves: Latin America, social justice and farms.  Margot speaks Spanish and English. 
Currently, Margot is working for PSI, a public health NGO based in Washington, DC.  PSI implements health programs throughout the developing world to combat illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis; provides at-risk groups with access to family planning and sexual health services; and facilitates maternal and child health through early childhood nutrition projects. Margot supports proposal and project development in the New Business department where her Spanish language skills and knowledge of the Latin American region come in handy.  Working in an office has been a big change from fieldwork in Ecuador, but the flexibility required in her job as Sustainable Development Coordinator with us prepared her to adapt to just about anything!
Green Progress
Sustainable Development & Reforestation Projects in Rural Communities from CRACYP, Ecuador

Margot Conover, Sustainable Development Coordinator, CRACYPMargot Conover planting a tree helped by a child from the local community.
Margot Conover lives in a small agricultural community in EcuadorMargot Conover, community development coordinator, with members of the local community
Margot Conover at the local market, buying vegetables for a nutrition education program.Margot Conover with students of her community education program.