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Local Information

CRACYP is based in San Luis de Pambil, in the Bolívar Province of Ecuador close to where it adjoins the provinces of Cotopaxi and Los Rios, and operates in many of the surrounding communities.  Our nearest large town is Quevedo.
The international dialling code to phone Ecuador is 593, you may need to call a few times as the telephone connections are sometimes busy.  The Ecuador currency is the US dollar, though Ecuador produces its own coins.
Mainland Ecuador is in a time zone five hours behind GMT, the Galapagos Islands are 6 hours behind GMT, i.e. Galapagos time is an hour behind the rest of Ecuador.  Ecuador does not operate daylight saving time. 
Current time in mainland Ecuador: 

Although Ecuador is only a small country, the climate can vary greatly from one region to another, so an "Ecuador weather forecast" is not helpful.  You need to look up the weather in your specific Ecuador destination for the time of year you will be visiting. 
The weather in San Luis de Pambil is warm all year round though the temperature rises further in the summer.  Eco-Friendly Farmstays, one of CRACYP's ecotourism projects, offers an Ecuador weather calendar for an idea of when to visit this region and the Ecuador Travel Site .org has travel information for Ecuador with special offers and discounts on accommodation and tips on when is best to visit the Galapagos Islands.
Weather forecast for the town of Quevedo, which is close to San Luis de Pambil but lower down the mountains, so the temperature is usually a degree or two hotter:
Weather in Quito, capital city of Ecuador, in the Andes mountains:
Weather on the coast in Guayaquil, Ecuador's main port city:

Ecuador Information from CRACYP, 'Green Progress':
Ecuador time zone, the current time in mainland Ecuador, Galapagos Islands time difference
Ecuador dialling code, Ecuador currency, Ecuador climate & temperature, Ecuador flag
Weather forecasts for Ecuador cities: Quevedo temperature, Quito weather, Guayaquil weather.
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Ecuador flag
Ecuador currency: Ecuador coins and US dollar notes
A rural Ecuadorean house in warm, cloudy weather
Ecuadorian boy and puppy in a village near Quito
Donkey-driven sugar cane mill in village near Quevedo
Hummingbird in Ecuador in rural Bolivar province