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Internship in Sustainable Development with CRACYP

An internship in sustainable development with CRACYP is an ideal way to gain practical experience for a career in rural development, sustainable agriculture, fair trade, ecotourism and similar fields.  
Please read the whole of this page before applying for an internship opportunity.   NOTE: We do not offer paid intern jobs, only unpaid internships which require a contribution.
Internship in Sustainable Rural Development - Gain practical experience in sustainable development, organic agriculture,  fair trade, sustainable tourism, engineering and similar fields.  Interns participate in CRACYP's current projects in rural Ecuador, experiencing a range of challenges to gain as much exposure as possible to different aspects of rural development.   This type of internship or apprenticeship is the ideal complement to theoretical studies at university.  Experience the reality of working in grass-roots development with a small NGO (which is very different to development policy-making with an international organisation).  
In addition to seeing and experiencing the work of the NGO, each intern will take responsibility for an individual project, which might be a small stand-alone development project, or one phase or aspect of a larger project.  Interns will be expected to produce a project report detailing activities, development outcomes, learning points and recommendations for the future.   Interns are supervised by CRACYP's sustainable development coordinator Nick Ohde.  See our Volunteer & Intern News for some examples of recent intern projects.
Development Workshop is held each month for interns to explore different aspects of sustainable development in rural areas and network with local experts working in this field. 
We offer opportunities for fall interns and have some ideal opportunities for a semester abroad or a short internship at any time of year:
Priority internships: 
Examples of intern development projects available currently or in the future include:  
The internship program is open to those who have studied, are studying or are going to study international development, sustainable development, ecotourism, fair trade, organic agriculture, permaculture, rural development or similar subjects.  Also, there are occasionally opportunities for internships (or volunteer placements which may be suitable as internships) for engineers, GIS / GPS specialists, healthcare professionals and others - get in touch to see if we have anything suitable.  Internships are available for 4 to 12 weeks.  For details of how to apply, see the Sustainable Development Internship Program information pack (download from the link at the foot of the page).
If this program sounds attractive to you but you are looking for less responsibility, fewer than four weeks, or have not studied a relevant subject, you can still participate in something similar - see our volunteer opportunities in Ecuador for details.  There are also volunteer placements for specialists, for example dentists or dental hygienists.  
Internship FAQs:
Download the Sustainable Development Internship 2013 Information Pack for more information about what is included in the Development Internship Program, the costs involved and how to apply.  Download the the Costa Intern Pack to learn more about the area in which you would carry out your internship.

Internship in Sustainable Development with CRACYP:
internship program in sustainable rural development including conservation and reforestation;
Ecuador summer internships and unpaid intern jobs in ecotourism, development and sustainable agriculture; development internship opportunities in Ecuador.
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