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Reading - Ecuador and the Environment
Books about Ecuador and the environment that we have enjoyed and found useful.
Ecuador Guide Books
The Birds of Ecuador: Field Guide: Field Guide Vol II (Comstock Book) by Robert S. Ridgely & Paul J. Greenfield.  THE book for birdwatching in Ecuador.  Beautifully accurate illustrations, practical tips for recognition and distribution maps.  Take a copy of this book to Ecuador with you if you have any interest at all in the hundreds of birds you will see and will want to know what kind of hummingbird you're looking at.
The Rough Guide to Ecuador - Edition 3, by Harry Ades & Melissa Graham. The latest edition of a consistently reliable guidebook to Ecuador with plenty of practical tips, historical contexts and useful information.
The Environment & Human Rights 
Ecological Principles and Environmental Issues, by Peter Jarvis.  A general introductory text using case studies to present the theory of ecology and key environmental issues.  Takes an international approach.
Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection, by Alan E. Boyle and Michael R. Anderson, Ed.  A collection of essays exploring the links between human rights and the environment.  Recommended for those interested in environmental law. 
"The parallel evolutions of international human rights protection and of environment protection and the absence of restrictions upon the exercise of recognized human rights", by A.A. Cancado Trindade. (Revista del Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos, núm. 13 de 1991.  Very much from a legal point of view.
Sustainability & Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development: An Introductory Guide, by David Reid.  Recommended as a good overview of sustainable development, from the development of the concept, the barriers to sustainable development and possible future approaches.  
Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century, edited by Alex Steffen. A brilliant book about sustainability and how you can do your bit, over 500 pages long and full of ideas about topics from household recycling to politics.  
Useful websites:
Ecuador travel information from the Ecuador Travel Site .org

Recommended Ecuador Reading & Environment Booklist
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