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Ecuador Birds Photo Gallery
Ecuador's birds are the main attraction for many tourists.  There are around 1600 different types of bird in the little country of Ecuador, which is possibly the highest diversity of birds in the world.  Even in the middle of Quito you can see hummingbirds and flycatchers, and the abundance of birdlife in the rainforests, cloudforests and rural mountain valleys is just breathtaking.  Many of the Ecuador bird species, such as this motmot below, are distinctive with colourful plumage.
Motmot, Ecuador. A colourful bird with "rackets" at the end of its tail.
Motmot (Momotus),
San Luís de Pambíl, Ecuador.  Photo by Paul Bamford.
Ecuador is a birdwatcher's paradise.  With so many different ecosystems in such a small country, it's easy to organise birding trips to see everything from tiny forest birds to the giant condor of the high mountains.  Some of the birds of Ecuador are endemic, to the delight of ornithologists and experts in avifauna.  Many of Ecuador's birds, such as the red-masked parakeet below, are brightly coloured and easy to identify, even for amateur bird-watchers.
Small green parrot with red face.
Red-Masked Parakeet (Aratinga Erythrogenys),
Ecuador.  Photo by Paul Bamford
Unfortunately, and often illegally, some of Ecuador's birds are captured and kept in captivity, either in Ecuador as pets or exported for the illegal trade in wild or endangered birds.  Many people in Ecuador do not have the education or awareness to understand that these beautiful birds would be best off in the wild and that some species are at risk of extinction.  Macaws are large, noisy and destructive and do not make ideal pets, but it is easy to see the attraction of their bright plumage.
Scarlet Macaw, a large bright red parrot with yellow and blue wings, Ecuador.
Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao), Ecuador.  Photo by Paul Bamford.
Other woodland birds of Ecuador, such as this woodpecker below, have more subtle colouring but can be spotted with a little patience and a quiet walk through the many bird-rich woods and forests.  A good bird-watching guidebook is a great help with identification and an experienced birding guide will help you to see far more birds than you would alone.  Remember to bring your binoculars on a bird-watching trip to Ecuador as they are not easily available here and it would be a shame to miss out on seeing some of the shyer birds of Ecuador.
Ecuador Birds: golden olive woodpecker, in tree in Ecuador
Golden Olive Woodpecker (piculus rubiginosus),
San Luis de Pambil, Ecuador.  Photo by Paul Bamford.
Cattle egrets are common in and around San Luis de Pambil in the west of Ecuador.  This one below is sporting its breeding plumage - a golden crown and foreneck, also with traces of gold on the back.  Outside of the breeding season, cattle egrets have all white plumage and the bill is a paler yellow.

Cattle egret, a white bird with yellow bill and legs

Cattle Egret (Bubulcus Ibis) in breeding plumage. Photo by Paul Bamford. 
Over 15% of the world's bird species are represented in Ecuador, so this photo gallery cannot hope to show them all.  The best solution is to visit Ecuador and see the birds for yourself.  In just a few days you should be able to see hundreds of different types of birds.
Brown hummingbird with curved bill and dark tail fanned out to show white tips and long white central feathers.
Baron's  Hermit Hummingbird.
Photo by Paul Bamford in San Luis de Pambil, Ecuador
Ecuador has over 130 different species of hummingbird - tiny birds, many with glittering, jewel-bright plumage, with the ability to hover in midair and even fly backwards.  For more hummingbird photos, see the Ecuador Hummingbird Photo Gallery.
All images on this site are copyright and may not be used without the express, written permission of CRACYP.  Thanks to Paul Bamford for his bird photos and other images.  Also thanks to photographer Roz Gordon for allowing us to use images from her Ecuador trip.  
To see some of Ecuador's birds for yourself, visit San Luis de Pambil on a farmstay holiday or one of our other ecotourism initiatives in Ecuador.

Ecuador Birds Photo Gallery
Bird photos from CRACYP: Images of Ecuador's rich avifauna for ornithologists & birdwatchers
Selected bird images by Paul Bamford and Roz Gordon - 

Ecuador Birds

Ecuador: birds around a hanging feederChoco toucan (heavy-beaked bird) in tree in Ecuador.Small yellow and black birdVermillion flycatcher, a distinctive little scarlet and black bird in Ecuador.Araçari (a bird similar to a toucan) hanging from a bunch of bananas in EcuadorBlack-cheeked woodpecker at nest hole in tree in Ecuador.Masked water tyrant, a white and black bird in Ecuador.

Ecuador is one of the best countries in the world for birdwatching, with around 1600 species of birds.

Small bird with rich rusty-orange plumage, perched in tree in Ecuador.

Ecuador Birds:
Pacific Hornero
(Furnarius Cinnamomeus)

Black bird with yellow bill, blue eye and scarlet rump.

Ecuador Birds:
Scarlet-Rumped Cacique (Cacicus Microrhynchus)

Parakeet perched on girl´s shoulder, looking at bird guide to Ecuador.

Amateur ornithologists
come in all shapes and sizes
in Ecuador...