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Eco-Tourism in Ecuador

Eco-tourism, sustainable tourism or responsible travel?  However you define it, responsibly managed tourism can be a positive force for conservation of the environment and sustainable development in Ecuador, improving the local quality of life.  It's also a very enjoyable way for your holiday to make a lasting difference in this beautiful area of Ecuador - come and see for yourself!
Our ecotourism farmstays holiday project lets you experience life in Ecuador with a local family and see how crops such as coffee, cacao (chocolate) and citrus fruits are grown.  You might even make your own hot chocolate, or toast coffee beans for your breakfast.  Using the farmstay as a base, you can explore the area, walk, trek, hire a horse, visit local markets, investigate ancient petroglyphs or visit the primary forest above the Piedra Blanca Community Eco-Tourism project.
river rafting trip on a traditional balsawood raft could be the highlight of your Ecuador holiday.  The same raft design has been used for thousands of years.  This relaxing raft journey is suitable for all the family as part of your eco-adventure vacation package.   
Visits can be arranged to CRACYP's community banks.  You can even see and taste how sugarcane is turned into the potent aguardiente (local firewater - 60o!) on a day trip to another CRACYP project, CADO, which has helped a group of sugarcane farmers gain organic certification and process high quality alcohol for medicinal and other purposes.
Luxury Ecuador tours offer a more up-market holiday but still support eco-tourism principles.  Our exclusive new itineraries combine visits to our projects with the best that Ecuador has to offer, including a luxury spa resort, watching hummingbirds at a cloudforest lodge, a tranquil highland hacienda, and a first class cruise in the famous Galapagos Islands.  
A working holiday in Ecuador allows you to become more actively involved in these Ecuador ecotourism initiatives or other CRACYP sustainable development projects. 

Eco-Tourism in Ecuador for Sustainable Rural Development & Reforestation
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Hummingbird in Ecuador, a popular ecotourism destination
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EcoTourists on a traditional balsa river rafting adventure
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Ecotourism in Ecuador: tourists crossing bridge
Cacao (chocolate) pods on tree in Ecuador