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Solar Cycle Route

The Solar Cycle Route is a patented system of closed-circuit elevated cycle tracks which produces solar power from the panels which form its roof. As well as taking cyclists and pedestrians, the system can also be used to transport small packages, in tubes beneath the structure. 
The cyclists each transport a small cargo of plastic bottles on their bicycle, and in this way transport waste plastic for recycling. The plastic will be converted into a useful resource and will help finance university scholarships for young people as part of a larger youth and recycling project. 
The system will rent a bicycle to users who do not have one of their own. The guards at each stop collect fares, organize bicycle rental and ensure security on the route. (A source of employment for the cities). The user pays a small fare if he does not have a bicycle of his own and has to use one belonging to the system. Those who have their own bicycle or prefer to walk pay a little less. The other “price” of this transport system is the responsibility to take a small cargo of plastic bottles on the bicycle, and so the system moves the city’s waste plastic. 
Solar Cycle Route users don’t need to spend to buy their own bicycle, nor worry about its maintenance or where to store it. They have all the benefits of cycling, without the investment. They have a safe, clean, pollution-free route, lit at night and with panoramic views of the city. 
CRACYP suggests this concept of the Solar Cycle Route as a solution for the city of Quito and potentially other cities of the world.   The city of Loja, in the south of Ecuador, is currently analysing the possibility of implementing a Solar Cycle Route.  This clean, green, eco-friendly transport system reduces traffic congestion and lowers the number of journeys for parcel services and waste collection. The Solar Cycle Route offers healthy exercise for its users, protects them from pollution, sun, rain and the risk of being hit by traffic. It offers panoramic views and is a tourist attraction. 
The Solar Cycle Route will produce electrical energy for its own operations and for other uses in the city. For example, 30Km of Solar Cycle Route will produce 16 Mega Watts. The construction of this sustainable transport infrastructure is rapid (less than a year) as well as economical to install and simple to maintain. City councils interested in using this patented system contact us at cracyp(“at”)progresoverde(“dot”)org. 
As with all of CRACYP’s projects, the Solar Cycle Route will maintain an obligation to plant trees, based on use of the system, and in this way it will generate more benefits for the city and its citizens.

Solar Cycle Route
eco-friendly transport system of elevated cycle route with solar panelled roof
- sustainable transport infrastructure to reduce urban traffic congestion
Patented system, all rights reserved.

Elevated cycle route in city
The Solar Cycle Route, seen from above
Urban traffic congestion in Quito, EcuadorSustainable transport infrastructure - raised cycle route with solar panelled roof
Green travel - the Solar Cycle Route