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Carlos Cabrera, Expert in Sustainable Development

Carlos Cabrera is Executive Secretary of CRACYP and General Manager of CADO.  Also, he works as a development consultant for the Pueblo Montubio and is Technical Director for CONSOLID SUIZA in Ecuador and Venezuela.
Recognised as an expert in sustainable rural development, Carlos Cabrera has studied and worked in various industries including television, marketing and publicity, civil engineering and soil mechanics, appropriate technology, agriculture, exports, extraction of essential oils, machinery design, and polymers.  He also has many years of experience in managing national and international volunteers.  This broad range of experience means that Carlos is able to view a situation or challenge from a holistic point of view and design a practical solution to benefit the environment and the people involved, in an economically-sustainable manner.
After the crisis of July 2011, when dozens of Ecuadorians died from drinking aguardiente contaminated with industrial alcohol, the government of Ecuador asked Carlos for help in designing rules to avoid this kind of problem in the future.  CADO, with its operational rules which Carlos helped to develop, is considered a role model for the industry, due to its quality control and its focus on the welfare of its workers and of the environment.  Currently, Carlos Cabrera is working with government representatives to guide Ecuador's alcohol industry towards a safer, more responsible future.
Among the successes that Carlos Cabrera has achieved are:  
Green Progress
Sustainable Development & Reforestation Projects in Rural Communities from CRACYP, Ecuador

Carlos Cabrera, Executive Secretary of CRACYPCarlos Cabrera, Executive Secretary of CRACYPCarlos Cabrera measures the grade of organic sugarcane alcohol with a farmer.
Carlos Cabrera on a bamboo bicyle he helped to develop.Carlos Cabrera inspects an introduced tree in the Galapagos Islands.Carlos Cabrera with an international volunteer.