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About Us

CRACYP (which stands for Rural Reforestation and Progress Network Corporation, in Spanish) is a non profit organisation founded in 1999.  Its network includes over 200 communities in an area of 250.000 hectares on the borders of the Cotopaxi, Bolivar and Los Rios provinces in Ecuador.  
CRACYP's aim is "Progreso Verde" or "Green Progress" -  conservation of the environment and economic and social development of local communities.  We aim to transfer appropriate technology and sustainable alternative agricultural methods, in exchange for community participation in reforestation.  This process also increases the production alternatives and resources of the communities involved, improving their quality of life.  
Members of the network have carried out agricultural research in alternative cash crops for the last 18 years, gaining significant experience in the production and processing of agricultural products.  Through practical experience these communities have applied low-cost, environmentally-friendly alternative technologies.
CRACYP started from the desire to help groups of the poorest farmers in the communities of Ecuador.  We believe that they must be involved as members of a project, not just receive free handouts.  This is important for their motivation and commitment to the project and also for their dignity.  So, they pay an affordable contribution to take part in a project and also promise to plant a certain number of trees. 
Most of CRACYP’s projects function with funds from development projects of the Ecuadorian State via agreements with supporting organisations in the country and international organisations.  Other organisations also help, for example Global Routes from the United States, and other funds come from the small investments that CRACYP has made in the agricultural and environmental community enterprises from earlier projects.  Another source of funds, although very limited, is our paid agricultural technical assistance service. 
Although there is some lack of continuity in our funding, we continue working for the good of the poorest farmers with whatever resources we have at the time.  To donate money, time, equipment or project funding, see the Help Us page or Contact Us.  
CRACYP's Executive Secretary and driving force is Carlos Cabrera, a recognised expert in sustainable rural development.  Carlos' innovative approach and his expertise in organic production and the management of community enterprises have led the Ecuadorian government to consult him on matters of development.
Ecuadorian registered not-for-profit organisation, MBS. N. 02544
Green Progress - Sustainable Rural Development & Reforestation in Ecuador by CRACYP

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Tree seedlings ready to reforest Ecuador.